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The defining marker of truly successful businesses is the unwavering commitment of its leadership to always stay a “lean and mean” market leader.  This means always looking at your processes and refining them so that they work for you and not against you.  Large corporations have the ability to bullshit their way through difficulties by using their considerable size and resources to kick the can down the road, but as entrepreneurs we have a strong desire to cut the bullshit and actually do the stuff that works… EPIC is specifically designed for entrepreneurs that need solid, straightforward, no bullshit strategies to help them succeed.

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Maximize Your Effectiveness With My Tried and True Tools

I don’t care what anyone says… The tools you use makes a huge impact on how efficiently you can accomplish your goals.  The amazing tools that Epic equips you with are the results of over a decade of researching tools that make businesses successful without creating unnecessary roadblocks that kill your momentum.

EPIC Toolkit


Measure Your Current Business Health • Evaluate Your Business Focus • Get To Know Your Target Market • Track The Impact Of Your Strategies


Gain Control Of Your Website • Get Top Google Search Results • Master Google Adwords • Develop A Sales Funnel  • Get Client Reviews • Optimize Your Marketing Budget


Document Your Processes • Consistently Evaluate And Refine Your Operations • Easily Identify Operational Losses • Streamline Your Customer Experience • Maximize The Value Of Your Product/Service • Create Raving Fans

Only One Business Per Profession In Each City

There Can Only Be One

Co-Op Services

Negotiated Pricing With Vetted Providers

Your Local EPIC Network will provide a list of Local EPIC Certified Providers providing discounted service rates in exchange for the opportunity to work with exceptional entrepreneurs.

Graphic Design

Ad Design
Business Cards


Copy Writing

Ad Copy
Website Content
Marketing Emails

Technical Support

Computer Services
Phone Services
Web Services

Operations Support

Human Resources

From Our Founder

Make Your Own Opportunities

No smooth sales copy here, all I can say is that as attractive as it sounds to “dominate your market”, I can promise that dominating a market is no walk in the park. It is a commitment to the discipline of persistent excellence day in and day out. EPIC is specifically designed to equip real bonafide entrepreneurs with tools that they desperately need to succeed.  Entrepreneurs are rare individuals that don’t really have an “OFF” switch,  they are unstoppable and insanely optimistic people with an unquenchable desire for something greater.  Entrepreneurs are often very hardy individuals with a high tolerance for financial risk, anxiety, and overwork. If this sounds like you… then EPIC is definitely for you… you will be surrounded with positive active entrepreneurs that are not afraid to take on a challenge if it is on the path to success.


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First Things First

Does your web developer hold you hostage by charging you exorbitant hosting fees for hosting on their servers? You should own and manage your own assets and your web developer should simply administrate your assets.  If you are ready for REAL transparency, REAL administration, and REAL “No Strings Attached”  service just click this button to give us access to your account… or we will create one for you and get you all set up… no hassle for you at all!

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